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Why Should I have a home inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is a wise move.  It will identify any deficiencies that your property may have and give you the opportunity to correct the deficiencies before the property goes on the market. Generally, the property will achieve a greater value if there is little or nothing for the subsequent owner to do prior to moving in or that period shortly after they take possession.


What is a Certified Pre-Owned Home?

Suzanne M. O'Toole is a member of the National REALTOR® Network of Certified Pre-Owned Homes and is able to offer the program to her sellers. Essentially, it consists of two main components/processes.

  • Pre-Listing Inspection-Prior to being listed, the Seller has a Home Inspection performed on their home, at their expense, by a Member of the Certified Pre-Owned Homes Inspector Network and the Sellers agree to complete the repairs as identified by the Home Inspector

  • A  1-Year Home Warranty is then placed on the Listed Home for the benefit of the buyer, which covers breakdowns to the home’s major systems and appliances as well as some structural coverage,  that occur up to one year from the closing date.


Home Seller Benefits

  • Once the home inspection is completed and any repairs made,  the Seller will have a much better idea of the actual condition of their home and what the selling price should be.

  • If during the inspection, items are discovered that need attention, the homeowner can make repairs prior to the buyer’s inspection, thus eliminating “last minute re-negotiations” or buyers walking away.

  • The seller will have copies of the inspection summary for open house displays as well as a copy being posted on this web site and that of your realtor.

  • The home warranty would give both the seller and the buyer peace of mind

  • Typically, the home seller would receive a premium (currently projected to be from 3 to 5%) for their Certified Pre-Owned Home much like auto dealers do for the Certified Pre-owned Autos (5 to 8%).

  • Sellers should have no post closing calls about their former home

  • The combination of a pre-listing home inspection and a home warranty provides unparalleled transparency for prospective buyers about the condition of your home and the possibility of unwanted surprises after they move in

  • When your home is listed as a Certified Pre-Owned Home it will differentiate your listing in the marketplace and maximize your number of potential buyers. 




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